Titan Comics debuts Dr. Grordbort Presents trailer ahead of print release


Titan Comics is planning a graphic novel based on the WETA Workshop character and creations. Ahead of the print release, Titan Comics has released a trailer to get you up to speed on what to expect.

Greg Broadmore
on sale: 04/15/2014
Full-colour Hardcover
Price: $19.99

PREPARE YOURSELF FOR TALES OF TRIUMPH! Since the first word was inscribed onto parchment, man has searched for tomes that lift the lid on the inner machinations of the human condition and reveal truths about humanity and its place in the universe – there are books that teach, books that inspire and books that offer a glimpse into our very souls. Triumph, on the other hand, is full of violence, bad language, interplanetary racism and a little sprinkling of smut… but you get what you pay for.