SNEAK PEEK: Regular Show: Skips #6


The final issue of Regular Show: Skips #6 arrives in stores this week from BOOM! Studios, and you can take the jump for your first sneak peek!

Regular Show: Skips #6 (FINAL ISSUE)
Writer(s): Mad Rupert
Artist(s): Mad Rupert

It’s the final issue and things are crashing down! Will Skips and Ted be able to figure out how to get out of this never-ending cycle of park torture? They might have finally gotten a handle on Mordecai and Rigby but the problem is going to end up being a lot more complicated than that…

Skips_06_coverA Skips_06_coverB Skips_06_coverC Skips_06_coverD Skips_06_PRESS-3 Skips_06_PRESS-4 Skips_06_PRESS-5 Skips_06_PRESS-6 Skips_06_PRESS-7 Skips_06_PRESS-8

via BOOM! Studios