A Disney Chairman has confirmed that filming has begun for Star Wars: Episode VII and then gave us a bit of news about how casting is going.

Disney Chairman Alan Horn confirmed that filming has started for Star Wars: Episode VII but that was all the information he divulged about that aspect of the film. The confirmation that filming has begun contradicts information Disney Chief Bob Iger gave individuals last month that filming would begin in May.

Of course, the two could be correct but be talking about different aspects of the filming process. Horn could simply be talking about the second production unit out filming locations without actors; I mean Tatooine isn’t going to film its double suns by itself. So, if Horn was referring to the the second unit, Iger could simply be talking about the date that J.J. Abrams steps behind the camera.

Horn did give a tiny bit of information of the casting of the film saying, “We have a lot of them. We’re just not completely done yet.”

Perhaps with Iger’s filming date closing in and the casting almost complete we will get an official announcement on characters soon. Or not. I wouldn’t be upset if Disney decided to keep everything close to the chest for this film and reveal all the major details with a trailer.

What about you? Would you rather have an official casting announcement before cameras start rolling or do you not want to learn anything until a trailer is released?

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  1. I want a contract between the producers and myself saying they will rely heavily on the setting created by movies (yes, even the prequels since they cannot be unseen). I want a clause that says I can sue the producers of the film if they put stupid drek in like interplanetary teleporters or red matter bombs.

    As for the cast, I really don’t mind everything being a secret as long as it’s a secret because they don’t want to give away the story and not because one of the writers decided to add purple talking ponies and still need find a voice actor with the most annoying voice in the galaxy.

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