Rumors swirl (as rumors are wont to do) in Hollywood that Disney is still planning a reboot/remake of their 1979 science fiction epic, ‘The Black Hole.’  As one of the vocal fans of that movie, I am torn by this plan.  On the one hand, it’d be lovely to get a new version reawaken interest in the original film, but on the other, I’d kind of rather have a sequel to the original film rather than a re-envisioning.  Whitman Comics attempted such a continuation in their comic book line back in the day, but the response to the film put the brakes on that quickly, with issue #4 so scarce that it has become a sought-after treasure in the comic back issue market.  Rationally, I know that ‘Beyond The Black Hole’ is probably a non-starter, as would be the ten years after adventures of Serenity, the story of middle-aged Lloyd Dobler or a new iteration of WKRP In Cincinnati.  Still, here at the MS-QOTD, we don’t deal in reality, which begs today’s Electric Boogaloo query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) wouldn’t mind seeing a middle-aged soccer mom version of ‘Heathers’, though, asking: What sequel would you most want to see?


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  1. I’ve been wanting an Incredibles sequel forever. I’m happy to hear that one is in the planning.

    It’s hard to imagine a sequel to The Fifth Element but if it had the same creators and same detail I would see it first day!

  2. I would love to see a sequel to “The Last Starfighter” get off the ground (pun intended). From what I have read, the surviving actors and director are interested.

  3. I am one of the few people who fell in love with Caprica, the prequel to Battlestar Galactica. It’s themes on religion and artificial intelligence were really well done, but the show had some spotty acting and got jerked around by Syfy when it didn’t get strong ratings. The thing I liked the most was the concept of digital drugs and the meta verse that they had in the show. I really felt like it did a great take on it. So yeah, I would like a sequel to Caprica.

  4. Daniel Langsdale on

    Snarky answer: the promised “to be continued” resolution to the last regular Matt Smith Doctor Who episode, The Name of the Doctor, because there were so many little plot things left unresolved that just got skipped over by the 50th anniversary special.

    Not-so-snarky answer: Buckaroo Bonzai vs the World Crime Syndicate, on the hope that the quirky potential of Team Bonzai could be realized.

    More recent not-so-snarky answer: more John Carter of Mars, because that movie was a hidden gem that deserves a better fate.


  5. Does it count if I keep hoping for a “Twilight” sequel where someone similar to Blade or Buffy comes in and kills all the sparkly not-really-vampires?

    Even though I wasn’t the biggest fan of the Green Lantern movie, I keep hoping they will bring out a sequel. Now that we’ve got the origin story out of the way with the first movie, we can leave Earth behind and get right into a great space adventure with plenty of chances to utilize the vast DCU library of planets, aliens and ring constructs.

    • Hannah Jones on

      I second this! And can we go ahead and do a different lantern while we’re at it? A Jon Stewart of Alan Scott perhaps?

  6. My first answer: I’d like to see a sequel to The Beatles’s “Abbey Road” (“Let it Be” doesn’t count; it was recorded mostly before Abbey Road). Abbey Road is possibly the most perfect sequence of music in the modern era. To think that they achieved that level of perfection, and then — BAM — nothing… I almost wish they had put out some piece of crap just so we all knew they had nothing left and had some closure. Alas, it wasn’t to be.

    My snarky answer: i’d like to see a sequel to The Matrix that wasn’t Reloaded/Revolutions. The first had so much promise; the second and third… not so much.

    • It drives my friend that likes the sequels crazy when I tell him my personal canon is “The Matrix” and “The Animatrix”, and as far as I’m concerned the live-action sequels are all a crazy dream (I don’t hate them, I just didn’t think they were as good as they could have been).

    • I totally agree, though I’m sad to consider that their post-Beatles output (John’s long drift, Paul’s quirky irrelevance, Ringo’s charismatic coasting, and George’s esoteric but beautiful stuff) may be the answer to what they had left. Still, that’s a hell of a dream sequel…

  7. Hannah Jones on

    Pans’ Labyrinth, I just think that would be awesome!

    And yes, I am aware that Pans’ Labyrinth is itself a sequel to The Devil’s Backbone.

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