Captain America 3 arrives in 2016


With Captain America: The Winter Soldier bringing the big bucks over the weekend, it comes as no surprise that Marvel Studios and The Walt Disney Studios are planning for another Captain America movie.

According to Marvel, the House of Mouse has marked the calendar for Captain America 3 for May 16, 2016. Those paying close attention know that that is the same date that Warner Bros. has the Batman vs. Superman movie set to arrive. There have been some rumors that the Warner Bros. flick could get a bump to as late as 2017, but this showdown between DC and Marvel will most definitely be seen as Marvel putting down DC once and for all.

There is no title for the new Captain America movie, and some are wondering if Chris Evans will return. Regardless, I’m excited about the news, as Captain America: The Winter Soldier has moved to the top of my Marvel movie list, and is very close to overtaking The Dark Knight as one my favorite movie of recent times. For those wondering, nothing will ever surpass Raiders of the Lost Ark.

via Marvel