There are a few unavoidable things in the universe: Death, taxes, Stephen loving Batman, and the fact that, if you bring up “reality television”, someone will go off on a tirade.  To be fair, I share much of the scorn aimed at the genre, but (thanks to my wife loving the competition shows), have found a few interesting moments in episodes of ‘Face/Off’, ‘Survivor’ and even ‘Project Runway.’  This week’s Marvel superheroes challenge on ‘Under The Gunn’ was an interesting one to me, as it put the various fashionistas squarely in my comic book wheelhouse, and managed to match superheroes with sewing quite well.  In a reality competition show without a heavy physical component, I think I might even have a chance of lasting a week or two, but at some point, I know I’d be giving the clichéd “You haven’t seen the last of meeee!” speech in virtually any show, which leads to today’s query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) would not, however, consider for a second competing on ‘King Of The Nerds’ because that thing is just plain indefensibly awful, asking: If you were FORCED to compete in a televised reality show, but got to choose what the competition consisted of, what would you choose and why?


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  1. If there was a show about who gets the most nervous when talking to cute Asian ladies and can make the most Star Wars references through the course of the day, I’m certain I’d win.

    They already have a couple that I’d love to be on, “Face Off” and “Jim Henson’s Creature Shop Challenge”. I often look at some of the projects on Face Off and think I can do better (or in some cases, already have done better with less), and I already somewhat do what the Creature Shop does with some of my costumes and props (currently working on a baby dragon puppet to accent an elf costume).

  2. I always wanted to be on that show Junkyard Wars. Not that I’m particularly handy with machines, I just thought it would be fun to build stuff. That was the only reality TV I was ever into, so I guess I’d pick that. That, and there’s no unnecessary pain or humiliation as a result of losing.

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