Three new television spots for Godzilla have been released that give us a few different looks at the storyline that will be unfolding in the kaiju flick. Watch all three and prepare for a longer look being released later today.

What I like about these three different spots is that even though many shots were recycled, by rearranging them and adding different VO and on-screen vocals we are shown three different takes on the film.

I, for one, am incredible excited for Godzilla, especially since I finally watch my first Godzilla starring movie for a previous Bonus Tracks episode.

Godzilla comes to a theater near you on May 16th.

via /Film


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  1. I am really looking forward to this movie, please don’t let the Big G be only in it for like 10 minutes. As for realism, this is a world in which something like him could exist, I have already suspended my disbelief.

  2. I’m surprised they even acknowledge this movie exists, Steven been media black balling him for 2 comic cons in a row, he must be a huge king Kong fan

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