Can a leopard change its spots? Can a villain become a hero? That’s the underlying theme in Edison Rex, a great comic from

In this issue, Edison Rex gets the unexpected opportunity to learn how history will remember him when a group of superpowered teenagers from the future travel back in time to pay their respects.

Story: Chris Roberson, Dennis Culver
Chris Roberson
Dennis Culver

Cover Price: $0.99

Previously in EDISON REX: “After years of trying, Edison Rex has finally succeeded in defeating his nemesis Valiant, the protector of Earth. But as Edison attempts to find a new role for himself, can he convince the people of Earth that anything has changed?”


Edison Rex is a great book that integrates well-known comics themes with the creators’ unique twist on them.

I always smile when I see these “Easter eggs,” like the cover of issue #12, which was reminiscent of Marvel Comics covers of the past.

This month, there are teenage heroes who say they are from the future, and have taken their inspiration from Rex. (Reminded me of the Legion of Super-Heroes some.) Rex is at first flattered, but does he really understand what they are saying?

One thing that impressed me was how Rex’s team are not necessarily on the same page as he is. The story is resolved by one of his group, but not in a way Rex would prefer, to say the least!

There are also fun twists on current phrases, like the name of the villain Rex takes on in the early part of this issue. He’s called “Vlad Naseum,” a take on ad naseum. It’s the perfect name for this baddie.


As identified in the credits, both Roberson and Culver work together on the story, and it shows. There are no fits, stops or starts as the story moves seamlessly through the book.

Culver does a great job on action sequences, but he also does superb work on facial expressions, shown over a page turn when Rex appears honored at the bottom of page 7, then unhappy to say the least on the top of page 8.

Reading the book is a joy, pulling us along at a rapid pace, and I love that in a comic!


Strong characters, fast-paced stories, comics Easter eggs, and a great price (ninety-nine cents) are excellent reasons to read this comic!

If you haven’t read this title before, you can go through their site to pick up the previous issues at the same price each. However, you can now pick up the trade collection for the early stores at local comics shops if you prefer a paper copy.

I highly recommend this book! It’s what I think good comics should be!

I recently had the chance to interview Mr. Culver for my Wayne’s Comics podcast. To listen to him talk about the series and their 12th issue, go to this link.

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