Marvel has built a huge, multifaceted media juggernaut over the past decade and is about to use all of it to promote their next big event Original Sin.

In a press release that Marvel sent over to Major Spoilers, the company detailed the avenues they would be traveling down to let their huge audience know about an event that will be happening within the pages of Marvel comics.

Marvel estimates that millions of people will hear about Original Sin #1 through social media outreach, radio campaigns, web/video advertising, and “television placements including Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Declassified.” Marvel also wants to help comic shops out promoting the book by giving launch parities to participating retailers with variant covers, lithographs from Skottie Young, and glow-in-the-dark Watcher eyeballs.

A couple quick thoughts before you can read the full press release for yourself:

  1. I want one of those Watcher eyeballs if it is also a giant bouncy ball.
  2. Depending on what age demographic Marvel is targeting this too (presumably the young-hip kids with spending money), does a “radio campaign” look to be much of a benefit?
  3. Marvel is about to release their largest film of the year with Captain America: The Winter Soldier which will be seen by millions across the world, why aren’t they throwing a spot in there before the movie?

Besides those little critiques, I think it is great that Marvel is taking their influence in the media and looking to turn it into large sales for their big summer event.

What do you think about all of this? Do you like the steps Marvel is taking to help sell more comics? Read the full press release and then give your thoughts in the comments!

Marvel Reveals Unprecedented Marketing & Promotions for ORIGINAL SIN!
New York, NY – April 1st, 2014 – This May, the marquee comics event of the year kicks off in the must-read ORIGINAL SIN #1. Today, Marvel is proud to announce that Original Sin will reach unprecedented levels of marketing and promotion, exceeding the mass media buzz of any other previous event in Marvel’s comic book history.
The death of a fan-favorite Marvel character sets the stage for a dangerous race to find his killer. Who shot the Watcher, and why have they removed his eyes? The killer is on the loose with the deepest, darkest secrets of the Marvel Universe at their disposal. It could be anyone!
Exceeding the investment of previous Marvel events, Original Sin is set to reach new and current audiences in 2014 thanks to vast social media outreach, new levels of targeted web and video advertising, radio campaigns, television placements including Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Declassified and other high-profile press estimated to be seen and heard by millions of potential consumers.
In addition to new marketing strategies, Marvel is proud to announce exciting programs to aid comic shops and retailers in promoting Original Sin. Participating retailers will have access to exclusive launch party items including lithographs by fan-favorite artist Skottie Young, special variant covers, and even rubber glow-in-the-dark Watcher eyeballs!
Original Sin and the associated tie-ins will also be featured in special fold out insert ads running in top circulating Marvel publications from April through September. Special in-store marketing collateral will also be provided including postcards, a special in-store promotional trailer and more.
Special retailer incentives will also be made available to qualifying retailers. Please inquire with your Diamond representative or check the Marvel Mailer for more information.
As Original Sin continues to gain mainstream media buzz from all corners of the entertainment industry – retailers are strongly encouraged to check their orders on this hotly anticipated series.
For more information on Original Sin, please visit and join in the conversation on Twitter with #OriginalSin.




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