ThinkGeek comes up with products ever year for April Fool’s Day to trick us all. Among the handful of fake items this year there are a few that I absolutely wish were real, including their Flux Capacitor.

Need a new USB charger for your vehicle? How would you like to put a Flux Capacitor in your car to charge your phones? Well, now you still can’t.

The product that I would totally buy for my younger siblings so I could play with it is the Nerf Nuke. Ya, you read that right.

Nerf products tend to run a little bit higher than I would like, so the $99.99 price tag wouldn’t be too crazy if the Nerf Nuke was created.

One of the items that started making its way around the Internet early on this Day of Fools is the Rosetta Stone Klingon Edition. Let Worf tell you more about this fantastic offer.

Those were my three favorite ThinkGeek April Fool’s Day items. Other fake items included a USS Enterprise frisbee, Unicorn drinking horn, and Mr. Bear beard machine. Go check out the rest of them over at their website and let us know which you would want to own.

via ThinkGeek


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