SNEAK PEEK: Rocky & Bullwinkle Classics, Vol. 1: Star Billing


Ready for some Rocky & Bullwinkle comics? IDW Publishing has a classic R&B comic coming your way this week.

Rocky & Bullwinkle Classics, Vol. 1: Star Billing
Al Kilgore (w & a) • Roger Langridge (c)
The earliest comic book adventures of America’s favorite moose and squirrel are collected here in Bullwinkle Classics. Presenting re-mastered stories from Gold Key Comics issues #1–4, enjoy classics moose-adventures like “Strictly for the Birds,” “Star Billing,” “Bat-Ball Batty,” “Magnetic Moose,” “Cane Caper,” “Noose Moose,” and many more. Also includes tales from Peabody and Sherman, Dudly Do-Right, and the whole gang.
TPB • FC • $17.99 • 122 pages • ISBN: 978-1-61377-914-9

RockyBull_Classics_v1-1 RockyBull_Classics_v1-2 RockyBull_Classics_v1-3 RockyBull_Classics_v1-4 RockyBull_Classics_v1-5 RockyBull_Classics_v1-6 RockyBull_Classics_v1-7 RockyBull_Classics_v1-8 RockyBull_Classics_v1-9 RockyBull_Classics_v1-10 RockyBull_Classics_v1-11 RockyBull_Classics_v1-12

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