SNEAK PEEK: Invincible Universe #12


Image Comics released a sneak peek of Invincible Universe #12 by Phil Hester and Todd Nauck.

Invincible Universe #12
Story By: Phil Hester
Art By: Todd Nauck
Cover By: Todd Nauck
Price: $2.99

King Lizard’s plan has been unleashed and split the Guardians in two! When the smoke clears, will anyone be left to save the day?

InvincibleUniverse12_Cover InvincibleUniverse12-pg1 InvincibleUniverse12-pg2 InvincibleUniverse12-pg3 InvincibleUniverse12-pg4 InvincibleUniverse12-pg5 InvincibleUniverse12-pg6

via Image Comics