SNEAK PEEK: Green Hornet Volume 6: Legacy TPB


Dynamite Entertainment released a sneak peek of Green Hornet Vol. 6: Legacy trade paperback that arrives in stores this week.

Jai Nitz (w)
Jethro Morales (a)
Phil Hester (c)
FC • 376 pages • $39.99 • Teen+
The Green Hornet family of Britt Reid, Hayashi Kato, Mulan Kato, Moonbeam, and Clutch are doing better than ever. With their latest adventure, the Hornet’s Nest shifts gears from reactive to proactive when fighting crime. But a new villain leaves Green Hornet’s legacy in ruin and the metropolis open to opportunistic crooks. New heroes, new villains, and a new armored Green Hornet all take to the streets in an epic battle for the soul of Century City. This tale of life, death, and rebirth is brought to you by Bram Stoker Award winner Jai Nitz and artist Jethro Morales.
• Issues 28-42 by Bram-Stoker-award-winning writer Jai Nitz and artist Jethro Morales
• Complete cover gallery featuring the art of Phil Hester and Stephen Sadowski

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via Dynamite Entertainment