It’s the final story of the Superior Spider-Man, but not the final issue! Plus the return of you know who!!

Superior Spider-Man 030-000SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN #30

Writer: Dan Slott

Art: Giuseppe Camuncoli

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Cover Price: $3.99


Previously in Superior Spider-Man: Manhattan is on fire as the Goblin army destroys everything. The Superior Spider-Man and Spider-Man 2099 get captured as the Goblin King reveals all.


This issue is a moment that we all knew was coming. We all had a strong idea how it was going to happen. People have demanded it from issue one of this series. Dan Slott could have simply sat back and let this issue play out its natural progression, but instead in this penultimate issue, he brings the feels. Making us care about a character way more than we should, more than we ever should.

Manhattan is burning, the Avengers want Spider-Man’s head, and the Goblins are winning. The Goblins have scooped up the Superior Spider-Man’s love, a girl that Otto Octavius, stuck inside the body of Peter Parker, truly loves. Viewing Manhattan from above, Otto does the only thing the he knows can save her. He makes a move that truly makes himself a hero. He declares who truly is the Superior Spider-Man, and it’s not Otto.

Peter Parker’s ghost has been a huge presence throughout this entire series. In this issue, Peter’s ghost allows the reader a huge emotional payoff. If you thought you’d never shed a tear for Otto Octavius, well then, get ready.

This issue pays off the entire series, and let’s the reader feel an immense feeling of accomplishment. We’ve just witnessed a great chapter in Spider-Man history, and Dan Slott solidifying his role as one of the greatest Spider-Man writers of all time.


Giuseppe Camuncoli’s art in this issue is very reality based, and his line work fits into a more sketchy style. Which is a strength in a book like Spider-Man, especially a character that is untrusted by the public. The rough line work can help subconsciously enforce the themes of the story. The colorist does an excellent job in this issue as well; helping to create a very dynamic moment on the final page that everyone has waited over a year for.

THE BOTTOM LINE: Goodbye Superior Spider-Man, I’ll Miss You

Only one more issue of this series remains, and Dan Slott has already knocked it out of the park in this one. What could he possibly do to top this? My prediction is that we will see another change in the Spidey status quo. I mean, we have to see something cool enough to make us all want to buy Amazing Spider-Man #1 in a month right? Whatever, your thoughts on the Superior Spider-Man, this was a solid effort and addition to the Spider-Man lore.


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