Disney announced that Brad Bird is going to be bringing back Incredibles 2 and we have all been starving for more information on what we can expect.  Samuel L. Jackson says Bird has been telling the actor that Frozone will return.

Here is the snip-it of the interview that Jackson did with Digital Spy during press for Captain America: The Winter Soldier in which he talks about Incredibles 2.

I would love to see Frozone return in this sequel as his relationship with Mr. Incredible added a nice bit to the character during the first.

Do you want to see Frozone back for Incredibles 2? Sound off in the comments…NOW!

via Digital Spy


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  1. I really want Frozone to be in this movie. He was my favorite character in the first one, even though he wasn’t really a major one. Maybe he’ll have a kid that’ll become best buddies with Jack-Jack. Hopefully…

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