Google Maps wants to find a Pokémon Master


Tomorrow is April Fool’s Day. Just like in years past tech companies will certainly come up with crazy jokes for the masses. Google Maps just released a video looking for people to capture images of Pokémon in an attempt to be hired as a Pokémon Master. Seems like this is came out a day too early.

Google has gone even further than just releasing this video though. If you go and update your Google Maps app now you will actually be able to scroll through the maps, find Pokémon and then capture them. And just to go a bit further, the Google headquarters has apparently been turned into a Poké Center.

To activate the game, go into Google Maps (iOS or Android), tap on the search bar, and then hit the option for start. The app will whisk you away to the area surrounding Google allowing you to catch Pokémon around the area. Here are two screen grabs I just took:


GooglePokemon Dragonite

I love this. I can’t wait to see what other crazy things pop up around the Internet tomorrow.

via TechCrunch