The Bluesmobile comes in LEGO form


It’s not an official LEGO set, but ICHIBAN Toys does use LEGO bricks in its Bluesmobile custom LEGO kit.


  • It’s got cop tires, cop suspensions. Each wheel is mounted on its own shock absorber and then paired up to a secondary system that gives it a fantastically softer ride!
  • All four doors open up wide to a full interior! The interior includes an adjustable steering wheel, and front and rear seating. The front seats are designed to comfortably accomodate two minifigures!
  • Of course it comes with the large speaker attached to the roof of the car! You can also remove the speaker and the frame to display the regular Bluesmobile.
  • You will receive ALL of the 295 BRAND-NEW parts needed. These are all brand-new genuine LEGO elements. Also included is a professionally designed full-color step-by-step instruction booklet printed on smooth, high-quality 28lb paper! And all packaged in a collector’s quality box.

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This is a fun little set, that is worth the $59.00 price tag. It would be better if it came with Blues Brothers minifigs, but those are pretty easy to create with a couple of base figures.

Bluesmobile – Custom LEGO Element Kit