While I’m not a big theatre guy, I was entertained (and perhaps confused) to find that classic Troma monster/superhero flick ‘The Toxic Avenger’ has been given the musical treatment.  Sure, Toxie is uniquely suited to busting through genre/media bounds (as you might recall, he even had a kiddie cartoon back in the day), but the knowledge that someone composed a song entitled “Who Will Save New Jersey?” in order to make the adventures of a man in a rubber mask sufficiently operatic soothes my worries about the nature of the universe.  (Absurdity, after all, is a driving force of reality.)  It also makes me wonder about what sort of legs Sgt. Kabukiman might have on the Great White Way, all the while searching in the back of my mind for a decent rhyme for ‘Legion of Super-Heroes.’  This, in turn, begs today’s query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) is still utterly banjaxed that ‘Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark’ made any money at all, but I supposed it just proves I’m not the target audience, asking: What unlikely pop culture property would you most like to see as a Broadway musical?


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  1. I’ve always wondered what a TMNT musical might be like. Sometimes people say they had one (the “Coming Out of Their Shells” tour), but that doesn’t count since it was meant to be like a pop concert rather than a musical.

    Ever since the musical episode of Buffy, I kind of hoped they would make a semi-canon musical stage show that has the musical demon Sweet or another of his race coming back for a second round of musical craziness, possibly accompanied by the “Smile Time” puppet demons.

  2. I think the Book of Mormon has shown us that no matter the subject, if you get a good creative team on it you can make magic happen. I kinda want to see a fleshed out version of the Dracula musical from Forgetting Sarah Marshall, but maybe Avenue Q used up all the puppet mojo.

  3. At a recent job interview, I was informed there was a Rocky musical. Alisha had one of my choices. I’d really love a Gremlins musical, or Venture Bros (which would have to include a full version of “I’m Rusty!)

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