Film adaptation of Alterna’s The Chair has casting news


Alterna’s graphic novel The Chair is in the process of being adapted for the silver screen and we give you the run down of all we know as of today, including casting news that was just announced.

Alterna sent out a press release to Major Spoilers about big casting news for their adaptation and we are excited to pass it on to you.

Bill Oberst Jr (Circus of the Dead) will be playing the part of Warden.


Many of you might recognize Eric Roberts from The Dark Knight was been cast to play Murph, who is the lead of the guards.


Derrick Damions is joining Roberts in the guard crew as Simmons.


And, finally, Jacob Banser will be filling the role of Jimmy/Bones.


The director for The Chair adaptation is Chad Ferrin and is working off a screen play by Erin Kohut, who edited the graphic novel.

And that is all the information we have about this adaptation as of now. The email Alterna sent out did tease that production is currently in talks with more talent to fill certain big roles and when those announcements have been made Major Spoilers will be here to pass it along to you.