SNEAK PEEK: Regular Show #11


Check out this sneak peek of Regular Show #11.

Regular Show #11
Writer(s): K.C. Green
Artist(s): Allison Strejlau

Rigby is possessed by the spirit of the 90s! Mordecai, Skips, and the others have to journey into the depths of the basement to save Rigby, but can they beat the 90s at the games it created?

RegularShow_11_coverA RegularShow_11_coverB RegularShow_11_coverC RegularShow_11_coverD  RegularShow_11_PRESS-5 RegularShow_11_PRESS-6 RegularShow_11_PRESS-7 RegularShow_11_PRESS-8 RegularShow_11_PRESS-9 RegularShow_11_PRESS-10

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