SNEAK PEEK: Calico Horses and the Patchwork Trail


Check out this sneak peek of calico Horses and the Patchwork Trail, out this week from IDW Publishing.

Calico Horses and the Patchwork Trail
Lorraine Turner (w & c)
When the Spirit of Horse speaks to a ten-year-old girl through her dreams and calico patches magically appear as if from nowhere, the residents of Saddlecrest, Nevada have a genuine mystery on their hands. In the center of it all is Carrie, a girl whose life is ripped apart by divorce and a move from New Jersey. With her new friend Milla, she tries to decipher what her dreams mean and what she can do to help.
TPB • FC • $12.99 • 328 pages • 6” x 9” • ISBN: 978-1-61377-837-1

Bullet points:
• Motivational speaker and author/illustrator Lorraine Turner is a two-time Emmy Award winner!

CalicoHorses-1 CalicoHorses-2 CalicoHorses-3 CalicoHorses-4 CalicoHorses-5 CalicoHorses-6 CalicoHorses-7 CalicoHorses-8 CalicoHorses-9 CalicoHorses-10 CalicoHorses-11 CalicoHorses-12

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