Sony just released a full 2 and a half minute trailer for Amazing Spider-Man 2 and by golly is there a lot of web-slinging involved! Watch it now!

Honestly, the moment that had me the most excited is when he splits the web shot in multiple directions. Yay for science Peter Parker!

What are you thoughts after viewing? Was this final trailer enough to earn your ticket? Let me and your fellow Spoilerites know in the comments!

via Sony


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  1. I am still not exactly excited for the movie, but this trailer does improve my overall outlook for it. At the very least, it is looking like it should be much better than the previous film.

  2. Well, I’m a little worried. Didn’t they learn from Spiderman 3 that throwing extra villains at a movie won’t make up for a poor script? I don’t see how they can do three villains, their origins and back story, and how spidey defeats them without sacrificing something, and since they aren’t going to shortchange expensive actors face time or special effects, that pretty much only leaves the story and plot…

    • I would say we shouldn’t make the assumption that they will go into the full backstory of each villain. We all complain how every reboot of a character on screen must be with the origin story. We all also know that that method of story telling isn’t necessary. The path to getting to that point for the superhero character is by first trying it with the villain.

      My opinion on how the story will unfold, villain wise, is that Spider-Man will defeat Rhino in act one, with almost no backstory given to that character. More development will happen for Electro before Spider-Man defeats him late act two, taking us into the giant personal battle against Green Goblin in act three to finish the story.

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