SNEAK PEEK: Loki: Ragnarock and Roll #2


BOOM! Studios released a sneak peek of Loki: Ragnarock and Roll #2, that you can check out, after the jump.

Loki: Ragnarok and Roll #2
Writer(s): Eric M. Esquivel
Artist(s): Jerry Gaylord

What happens when Loki goes from Norse god to rock god? Sex, fame, power! Loki becomes the world’s biggest rock star and gains a legion of devout worshippers! It’s a new experience for Loki. He likes it. The other gods? They don’t like it so much, as Loki soon learns… as the original series from Eric M. Esquivel (FREELANCERS) and Jerry Gaylord (FANBOYS VS. ZOMBIES) continues!

Loki_Ragnarok_and_Roll_002_cover Loki_Ragnarok_and_Roll_002_PR_Proof-2 Loki_Ragnarok_and_Roll_002_PR_Proof-3 Loki_Ragnarok_and_Roll_002_PR_Proof-4 Loki_Ragnarok_and_Roll_002_PR_Proof-5 Loki_Ragnarok_and_Roll_002_PR_Proof-6 Loki_Ragnarok_and_Roll_002_PR_Proof-7

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