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Strap in for a gut-wrenching, blood soaked tale of betrayal, vengeance and a hero’s death as 3 MONTHS TO DIE kicks off this June in WOLVERINE #8! All culminating in a grisly September finale that will have the whole world on the edge of their seat!

Friend. Teacher. X-Man. Avenger. Assassin. Hero. The man called Logan has worn many faces and lived many lives. Tortured by the horrors of his past, Logan has spent the better part of his life on a path to redemption.

But all paths eventually end. And there will be no happy ending for the Wolverine. Left without his healing factor, the invulnerable killing machine has found himself mortal for the first time in his long life. And as past sins come back to haunt him – he’ll have to pay the ultimate price.

“If the title sounds ominous, it’s for a good reason,” says Editor in Chief Axel Alonso. “What will be waiting for readers in September, when ‘3 Months to Die’ is over? Let’s just say, it’s going to be the buzz of the comics world.”

Alienated and alone with no X-Men to protect him, a killable Wolverine prepares to make his final stand. Deadly forces are closing in, and time is almost up. What will become of the Wolverine? And what does the Marvel Universe look like without him in it? Nothing lasts forever, and the beginning of the end starts this June in WOLVERINE #8!

The clock is ticking. Wolverine has 3 MONTHS TO DIE!

Variant Cover by RYAN STEGMAN
On Sale This June!

Wolverine_8_McNiven_Cover Wolverine_8_Stegman_Variant

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  1. Hmm.. X-Men: Days Of Future Past comes out in May, then four months later Wolvie gets killed off in the comics. Didn’t Peter Parker get “killed” just after AS-M came out? Also, Rogue and Scarlet Witch (not mentioned in the character list but Quicksilver is, so…) and several others have already been killed recently in the comics and they’ll be in the movie, too. Hmm. And you know, it’s interesting how the new Spider-Man movie is coming out and suddenly Peter Parker is coming back, so maybe, just maybe there will be an escape route for all these X-deaths in the comics. Like maybe, just maybe, someone will have to undo some kind of shenanigans that happened some while back and it will reset the whole timeline.

    …Like maybe some characters that were drawn from the past will have to go back and there they will make changes.

    Just thinking out loud.

  2. Surely, death in comics is temporary. Marvel is killing a Wolverine from another timeline. How can an icon stay dead for long?

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