While discussing the traditions of Saint Patrick’s Day with the Widget, she asked me if that was the one where the leprechaun tries to make you get married to him like he tried with that girl from ‘Friends’.  After a brief discussion of which channels were now going to be blocked on the television in her bedroom, I explained that, no, it was an entirely different celebration entirely.  But, her question spurred a line of thought in my brain about whether She-Hulk or Inara Serra would be a better shotgun wedding partner, as well as the merits of Tigra over Triplicate Girl…  (That sentence ended early because even *I* was a little uncomfortable with it.)  The idea of being dragged into marriage isn’t a particularly enticing one, but it does, at least, beg an interesting query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) might surprise you by *not* choosing Victoria from ‘How I Met Your Mother’…


…but then, again, probably not, asking: If you were forced to marry a fictional character tomorrow, who would you choose and why?


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  1. I actually would go with Power Girl, because I like very intelligent women, doesn’t take gruff from anyone, very independent, she owns her own business, and in the words of Spike Spiegel “I like the kind of woman that can kick my ass.”

  2. I’m really torn on this because I’ve got so many fictional character crushes that I could see spending the rest of my life with.

    But if I had to pick just one, I suppose I’d have to choose Jasmine from Dekaranger. She’s smart, strong (even without her Super Sentai powers), has mind reading abilities so she’d know I’m not lying or hiding anything (although that might be problematic when trying to surprise her with something) and she’s absolutely gorgeous.

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