Marvel takes a shot square at the heart of Warner Bros. and announces that the movie they will be releasing the same day as Batman vs. Superman will be Captain America 3! Let the battle for the box office begin!

When Warner Bros. decided to move the Man of Steel sequel to May 6, 2016 from it’s original summer of 2015 date, they chose a date that Marvel had slated for an unannounced project. Well that project has been announced and it is a big one in the form of Captain America 3.

Marvel is obviously unbelievably confident in the quality of the upcoming Captain America: The Winter Soldier by already announcing the sequel, but with the company’s track record why wouldn’t they be?

The rumors floating around the Internet had the potential movies that could be announced for May 6, 2016 as a solo Black Widow film or even the Dr. Strange project that is talked about here and there. Odds are that is what Warner Bros. was hoping for when they decided to push back their project to a date that Marvel had announced early in 2013.

In my mind I see Marvel choosing to release Captain America 3 on that date as a dare for Warner Brothers to actually release the Man of Steel sequel on the same day. I also expect there to be an announcement that the sequel script needs to be worked on more and production will be pushed back along with the release date.

What are you thoughts? Do you think the two power houses will release films on the same date?

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  1. Doctor Dinosaur on

    Marvel are definitely kicking ass cinematicly (Is that even a word?) .. But that just seems not very clever… I mean, I like Cap. But he’s no Tony Stark film-wise. Surely the only thing that could compete with a Superman AND Batman movie would be the Avengers if that isn’t lined up at that point..what ever you have..move it! Especially when you are competing with audiences that overlap that much.. but hell maybe people have enough disposable income that both movies will do fine?

    • Nice move Marvel, I’d say Captain America comes first but we’ll see if the sequel is at least good as Cap America 1.

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