The latest Dueling Review is up and running, and the content of the issue makes me once again wonder about the fate that DC editorial has planned for Dick Grayson, the man known as Nightwing.  Many on the internet make a lot out of the previous plans to kill Nightwing (during 2006’s ‘Infinite Crisis’) and how this is just delayed editorial caveat, but there’s more to it than that.  In a reworked ‘5 year old’ universe, Grayson is either younger than previously or became Robin at a *much* earlier age, in addition to having spent a much shorter time in the red vest and yellow cape.  With his solo title seemingly cancelled, and a nebulous something shocking involving Nightwing slated for the end of the nigh-endless ‘Forever Evil’, all the signs point to a big dirtnap for young Mister Grayson, which in turn begs today’s query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) hopes that they don’t pull the trigger, but urges DC that, if they do it, make it stick, asking: Do you expect that Nightwing is going to die?  (Subquestion:  *SHOULD* he die?)


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  1. Even though I wrote an editorial on this site stating that I thought he was going to die, I am now convinced that he will get a new identity and name, (He’s the blond in the Batsgiving Teaser Image) and be sent off into the wild DCU.

  2. Hannah Jones on

    I really, really hope he doesn’t die, however I do have a problem with loving characters who are doomed so.. Yeah.
    Still, I think that Dick is a really solid character and it would be a bummer to see that kind of potential wasted.

    Of course, does anyone really stay dead in comics? I suppose they do a bit more these days, but Nightwing is popular enough that I don’t see him staying dead for more than a couple of months.

  3. It’s a typical red herring. Nightwing isn’t going to die. They JUST killed off Damian Wayne, and that didn’t even have the affect that killing off Jason Todd did. Killing off Robins is getting redundant. Not to mention they are setting him up perfectly to have his own sidekick now in the form of young Jen. I am sure there will be changes, but not with Dick Grayson’s ability to be alive.

  4. They should have never had Red Robin (worst hero name ever, yummmmm) in the reboot and just let nightwing lead the titans

  5. Didio is a creep. I read somewhere that he thinks Nightwing is “redundant.” So Tim Drake and the 10 million other Bat Family characters aren’t, but the original is?? So no, I really hope they don’t kill him off.

  6. Honestly, I stopped caring about Nightwing at the beginning of the Nu52.

    In fact, I stopped caring about a LOT of characters I used to really like at the beginning of the Nu52. They just aren’t the characters I knew anymore. They’re similar, sure. But, they’re not the same.

    So, kill him or don’t. Whatever.

  7. He’ll still be alive, because Lex Luthor is already poised to join the Justice League. Batman will endorse him because Luthor saved Graysons’ ass in Forever Evil #6.

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