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Comics have never looked so good, and Hermes Press is proud to present Scratch9 Cat Tails Issue 1, and Sparrow and Crowe: The Demoniac of Los Angeles Issue 4! Coming today to a computer screen near you, both of these exciting titles have been released to digital comic book seller Comixology!

Scratch9 Cat Tails Issue 1 is the story of Scratch, an ordinary house cat who can summon any of his nine lives to help him during his various adventures! There are four stories in this action-packed issue, including “D’Argent in Zee Hard Luck”, “Bektah vs The Thief Of All Tomorrows”, “Garogga in Chasing Home”, and  “Greetings from IX Of The Far, Distant Future.” Written by Rob M. Worley and illustrated by a variety of artists. Find the digital version at


In this penultimate chapter of Sparrow and Crowe: the exorcism of Amanda Marino! Armed with the Ring of Solomon, Doctor Xander Crowe enters Amanda’s tortured psyche to trap his old nemesis — the demon Adramelech! But: as the final truth is revealed, Sparrow & Crowe discover that nothing is what it seems — and a deal with the devil is only as good as the devil’s word. Find the newest issue at

S&C Issue 4-Web 1

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