It must be a week dedicated to our first look at comic characters being adapted for television as NBC has released the first official image of Constantine from the upcoming show of the same name.


Not only has that picture that the Internet ablaze, but so has this image of the titular character from a picture on set posted to the Facebook page “Slates for Sarah“.


What do you think about the costume? Has another network done well? Give your thoughts in the comments below!

via Comic Book Movie, Comics Alliance


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  1. Yep, that’s Constantine. The problem is he’s not smoking, and I’ve heard that might be a sticking point with NBC. But they certainly captured Constantine’s smug swagger.

    • Yet another reason I’d have preferred this to be on a cable network.

      That said, I’m still crossing my fingers that it will hopefully otherwise be decent.

  2. I’m in. I love A&E’s “The Glades” with their cocksure lead character, mixed with a bit more of the fantastical, I’ll be hooked.

  3. I’m in visually, still skeptical about it being NBC rather than a cable channel, but hey. Also, put me in the firm camp of he should smoke like a brick house.

  4. The coat needs weathering. It’s too clean. Otherwise it’s good cosplay… (Yes, I know it’s a promo shot. Sense the sarcasm.)

    All that aside… it’s ok so far though. Waiting for the stories and the acting to really judge.

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