It’s New Comic Book Day!

What should you pick up this week? The Major Spoilers Staff runs down the titles they are most looking forward to this week.

allnewinvadersALL NEW INVADERS #1
Writer: James Robinson
Artist: Steve Pugh
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Cover Price: $3.99
SOLICITATION: • Eisner Award winner James Robinson (STARMAN, EARTH 2) returns to MARVEL, uniting with Steve Pugh (ANIMAL MAN, HOTWIRE, GEN-X) to create a unique, modern day take on the INVADERS.
• The KREE EMPIRE intends to conquer the universe using a weapon that will grant them an army of NORSE GODS.
• It falls to four heroes united by their past—CAPTAIN AMERICA, NAMOR, THE ORIGINAL HUMAN TORCH and the WINTER SOLDIER—who must now face the future and wage war against the Kree to save Earth.

MATTHEW: Robinson’s first salvos in the Marvel Universe have been interesting, but I’m most interested in seeing what he might down with Marvel’s oldest characters. I say, five issues until they revive Toro. Start the countdown now!

astrocityASTRO CITY #10
Writer: Kurt Busiek
Artist: Brent Anderson
Publisher: Vertigo Comics
Cover Price: $3.99
SOLICITATION: Samaritan and the Confessor help Winged Victory take down the villain targeting her. But there are repercussions to every action and now Winged Victory will have to face the fallout. Will Astro City’s most prominent super heroine survive? Don’t miss the grand finale of this four-part epic!

MATTHEW: Busiek is giving us the first real glimpses into the deep background of Winged Victory, the resurgence of the Confessor, and a riff on DC’s central trinity of heroes, all the while Astro City’ing his usual Astro Citydom. Boom. Sold, American…


attackontitanjuniorhighATTACK ON TITAN JUNIOR HIGH
Writer: Isayama Hajime
Artist: Saki Nakagawa
Publisher: Random House
Cover Price: $16.99
SOLICITATION: A spin-off series to the number one bestseller in Japan. Eren and Mikasa enter a new school – Titan Junior High! However, Eren’s hated Titans for years; can he get along with his new (harmless?) classmates? Featuring all of the characters from the main series as you’ve never seen them before, this series is sure to delight fans of Attack on Titan with a human vs. Titan volleyball match, a Titan rock band, and much more!

GEORGE: What?! I… no.



pickoftheweekBatman29BATMAN #29
Writer: Scott Snyder
Artists: Greg Capullo, Danny Miki
Publisher: DC Comics

Cover Price: $4.99
SOLICITATION: “The ‘DARK CITY’ chapter of ‘ZERO YEAR’ reaches its conclusion in this amazing, extra-sized issue! Now, the next chapter of Zero Year is almost upon us, and we’ve saved the best for last! What corners of Batman’s past will be revealed? And how will they impact his very near future? Find out here!

GEORGE: Snyder’s been juggling a few balls on Zero Year, and now we get a super-size issue to see them all land. Snyder and Capullo are a consistently entertaining team, so this should be fun.

WAYNE: It’s always a great week when Batman swoops into local comics shops! And it’s even a bigger issue this month! Oboyoboyoboy!

Writer: Evan Dorkin
Artist: Jill Thompson
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics
Cover Price: $3.50
This standalone adventure is the perfect entry point for readers new to this award-winning series. The town of Burden Hill is defended from monsters and madmen by a brave crew of dogs and cats—and one werewolf hybrid. This book packs serious scares and occasional gross-outs, and sometimes drives readers to tears.
* Evan Dorkin and Jill Thompson return to the characters that won them the 2005 Eisner.

PAIGE: With an Eisner under their belt, Dorking and Thompson are back in business, with some interesting new work. I’m a sucker for animals and horror, so I’m willing to give this a shot if it promises to scare me- even if the preview features a decapitated squirrel.

ROB: In a week with few of my regulars it’s good to see a couple one-shots trying to introduce me to new tales. This sounds just interesting enough that I hope I can get a hold of it.


Writer: Kelly sue Deconnick
Artist: David Lopez
Publisher: Marvel
Cover Price: $3.99
SOLICITATION: Hero! Pilot! Avenger! Captain Marvel, Earth’s Mightiest Hero with death-defying powers and an attitude to match, is back and launching headfirst into an all-new ongoing series! As Captain Marvel, a.k.a. Carol Danvers, comes to a crossroads with a new life and new romance, she makes a dramatic decision that will alter the course of her life and the entire Marvel Universe in the months to come. It’s time to go HIGHER, FURTHER, FASTER and more in the most super-powered comic around!

PAIGE: I’ve read a bit about Ms. Danvers, and I’m excited to see her getting a new title of her own. I have high hopes for Deconnick’s writing in this, so I can’t wait to see how things pan out.


fathomFATHOM: KIANI VOL. 3 #1
Writer: Vince Hernandez
Artist: Giuseppe Cafaro
Publisher: Aspen Comics
Cover Price: $3.99
SOLICITATION: Kiani has risen!
One of the most powerful figures in the Fathom universe returns for this epic third chapter! Following the tragic events of The Elite Saga and the shattering of her family ties, Kiani has risen above the surface and seemingly disappeared amongst the large expanse of the human population. However, with a power inside her that is capable of changing-or destroying-the world’s landscape, her presence can only remain hidden for so long!

Returning writer Vince Hernandez joins forces with Trish Out of Water artist Giuseppe Cafaro to bring you the latest adventures of Fathom’s most fierce and beloved characters. Kiani is back and the world of the Blue will never be the same again!

RODRIGO: Fathom’s another series that I check in with every once in a while. But only very rarely.

fox51THE FOX #5
Writer: J. M. Dematteis
Artist: Dean Haspiel
Publisher: Red Circle/Archie Comics

Cover Price: $2.99
SOLICITATION: “The fantastically foxy finale is here in Freak Magnet pt 5: ‘Future’s End!’ Emmy Award winning writer/artist Dean Haspiel is joined by acclaimed writer J. M. DeMatteis to conclude the “Freak Magnet” saga of the pulp-style hero The Fox! Our hero has won the day and defeated his evil adversaries, so why does he find himself trapped 70 years in the past, side-by-side with the legendary hero of WW2 known as The Shield? And what does the Shield’s arctic battle-royale have to do with the diamond realm?! And will someone please tell The Fox, aka Paul Patton Jr., why he can’t just have the simple, freak-free life he wants?? Don’t miss the finale to end-em-all!”

WAYNE: I’ve really been enjoying this series, and I’m anxious to see what this hero will do in this conclusion and beyond! Highly recommended!

ghost2GHOST #2
Writer: Kelly Sue DeConnick, Chris Sebela
Artist: Ryan Sook, Drew Johnson
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics
Cover Price: $2.99
SOLICITATION: An unlikely ally sneaks Ghost into a secret meeting, where a legion of disguised demons gather around Dr. October—until her cover is blown! Meanwhile, the very human serial killer prowling the streets of Chicago takes a personal interest in Sloane and Tommy!

* The return of Ghost’s archnemesis!
* Chaos reigns in the White City!
* Stunning art from Ryan Sook (Action Comics Vol. 2 Annual)

RODRIGO: Been hearing good things about this one. Always wanted to get into Ghost, so I think I’ll track down issue 1 as well.

Writer: Fred Van Lente
Artist: Cory Smith
Publisher: Dynamite Entertainment

Cover Price: $3.99
SOLICITATION: “THE GOLD KEY UNIVERSE IS EXPANDING! Superstar Fred Van Lente (Marvel Zombies, Amazing Spider-Man, Conan: The Barbarian) and the astounding Cory Smith (Fathom) present a stunning re-imagining of Magnus: Robot Fighter you never saw coming! In the blink of an eye, young martial artist Magnus has everything taken from him…his father, his wife, his entire life. He’s suddenly thrust into a futuristic world he doesn’t understand, populated by humans and robots living together in oppression! Can Magnus fight to get his life back…and once he learns the truth about himself, will he want to?”

WAYNE: Mr. Van Lente does a great job with characters both old and new, so I’m sure this will be another comic I’ll be anxiously awaiting from month to month. Get in on the ground floor with this exciting new take on a classic hero!

Writer: Steve Niles
Artist: Menton3
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics
Cover Price: $3.99
SOLICITATION: If the undead have glory days, then the Black Plague was the era they never could have imagined. No longer hunted, no longer suspected, the vampires ran, exempt from fear. They were free to play—until the night the vampires turned against each other. Collects all four Dark Horse Presents installments!
* Written by Steve Niles (Breath of Bones, 30 Days of Night,Criminal Macabre)!
* Art by menton3 (Monocyte, Transfusion, The Dunwich Horror)!

PAIGE: I’m a fan of any tale starring vampires and other creature of horror, so Nosferatu Wars is at the top of my list this week. The promise of historical drama and political intrigue already has me hooked. That said, those qualities often lead to trope heavy and disappointing writing. Whether it’ll live up to expectations is uncertain.

Writer: David Lapham
Artist: David Lapham
Publisher: Image Comics
Cover Price: $3.50
SOLICITATION: One of the most acclaimed crime series ever returns! When Gary Goldsmith and his young son Asa are involved in a deadly hit and run, their night goes from bad to worse when their grisly deed is witnessed by a disturbing stranger. Find out what thirty dollars, a dirty diaper, and a girl named Yummy will reveal about the true meaning of life in a little story we like to call “The Love Ride.” Featuring the return of Spanish Scott!

This new arc of stories about life and love and all the things we do to kill them starts out in the best noir tradition, then turns the genre on its ear. Would you expect any less? If you’ve never read STRAY BULLETS before, jump in here. Hell, jump in anywhere. Every issue always presents a complete story that fits into a larger whole.

GEORGE: I’m a latecomer to Stray Bullets, only starting to read it a few months ago. But it’s one of the most hard-hitting, emotionally-affecting comics I’ve ever read. Forget that other bullets comic, this is the one you should be paying attention to. If you’re sad that True Detective is done and need another dose of existentalist crime drama, you could do worse than spend a few hours with some Stray Bullets comics.

Writer: Dan Slott
Artist: Giuseppe Camuncoli
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Cover Price: $3.99
SOLICITATION: “Goblin Nation” – Part 3 of 5 The Spider-Slayer Squadron were supposed to be under Mayor J. Jonah Jameson’s control……but now they’ve been drafted into The Goblin Nation!Guest Starring: Spider-Man 2099!

ROB: Still following Dan Slott’s fantastic piece of Spidey mythos. Still enjoying each moment as it comes, ready to see the Goblin’s continue their work.



Writer: Tom Waltz, Kevin Eastman
Artist: Ross Campbell
Publisher: IDW Publishing
Cover Price: $3.99
SOLICITATION: The Turtles thought they’d be safe in Northampton– they were wrong! Surrounded on all sides, the Turtles will have to reunite as a fearsome fighting force. Will their newest ally be their salvation, or doom?

ROB: New mutant revealed! Will Alopex assist the Turtles? Can the Turtles even be considered a team at this point? Continuing on the phenomenal work, the TMNT is my favorite book currently on the shelves.



Witchblade_173-1WITCHBLADE #173
Writer: Ron Marz
Artist: Stjepan Sejic
Publisher: Top Cow
CoverPrice: $2.99
SOLICITATION: Even without the Witchblade secured to her wrist, Sara Pezzini cannot escape the corrupting influence of the gauntlet.

RODRIGO: Since I’m going to track down Ghost and Kinani I might as well check in with the #1 90s badgirl too.



Writer: Greg Pak
Artist: Mirko Colak
Publisher: Dynamite Entertainment
Cover Price: $3.99
SOLICITATION: Bernard is a decorated state policeman in love with his partner. But their romance is brutally cut short when both die following a high-speed pursuit and fiery car crash involving the Lone Gunmen. Bernard inexplicably awakens to find himself resurrected by an otherworldly crow and with only one thing on his mind: vengeance.

MATTHEW: I like The Crow. I like the X-Files. Of all the things they’re crossing over with, this seems the most natural, but will it do justice to either concept? I’m willing to find out…


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