Action Lab Entertainment sent Major Spoilers a sneak peek of Ehmm Theory Vol. 1 that gets the trade paperback treatment this week.

Writer(s): Brockton McKinney
Artist Name(s): Larkin Ford, (colors – Jason Strutz)
Cover Artist(s): Larkin Ford
Synopsis: Gabriel Ehmm was doing just fine until the morning he woke up… dead! Now, along
with his talking kitten, Mr. Whispers, the two begin the wildest ride of their un-lives. Ehmm Theory
Volume One collects the critically acclaimed mind-melting adventure that features all that plus
pint-sized zombie clowns, giant cybernetic crustaceans, and a super-team of the bizarre!
Special Notes: Collects the first four critically-acclaimed (Fangoria, Aint It Cool News) issues of
the break-out hit series.

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FC/ 112 pages / $9.99 MATURE READERS


via Action Lab Entertainment


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