Code Monkey Save World #4 sneak peek


It’s the final issue of Code Monkey Save World, and Monkeybrain Comics sent Major Spoilers a sneak peek.

Code Monkey Save World #4
Writer: Greg Pak
Art: Takeshi Miyazawa
Letterer: Simon Bowland
Colorist: Jessica Kholinne
Price: $2.99
Pages: 32
Rating: 9+

Humanity faces its greatest threat as Zombie Bob’s minions launch their final attack — but Code Monkey and Skullcrusher have turned their back on Earth to fight the Robo Queen on Chiron Beta Prime! Who’s a hero? Who’s a villain? Whither the soul of Code Monkey? And what does curling have to do with all this? The big finish, y’all! Don’t miss it!

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