City in the Desert Vol. 2: The Serpent Crown


A new original graphic novel arrives from BOOM! Studios this week. Take the jump for your first look at City in the Desert Vol. 2: The Serpent Crown.

City in the Desert Vol. 2: The Serpent Crown OGN
Writer(s): Moro Rogers
Artist(s): Moro Rogers

After their devastating confrontation with Darga and the Sacred Peace, monster hunters Irro and Hari leave the walls of Kevala to seek new lives elsewhere. However, when they discover that the evils of the Sacred Peace have spread far beyond Kevala’s borders, our heroes decide to journey across the wastelands to the prison of the Monster King and release him in exchange for his help in saving the city they love.

City_in_the_Desert_v2_Cover City_in_the_Desert_v2_PR_Proof-7 City_in_the_Desert_v2_PR_Proof-11 City_in_the_Desert_v2_PR_Proof-12 City_in_the_Desert_v2_PR_Proof-13 City_in_the_Desert_v2_PR_Proof-14 City_in_the_Desert_v2_PR_Proof-15 City_in_the_Desert_v2_PR_Proof-16 City_in_the_Desert_v2_PR_Proof-17 City_in_the_Desert_v2_PR_Proof-18 City_in_the_Desert_v2_PR_Proof-19 City_in_the_Desert_v2_PR_Proof-20

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