Wrath of the Titans: Cyclops #0 sneak peek


Here’s a sneak peek of Wrath of the Titans: Cyclops #0.

Wrath of the Titans: Cyclops #0
Writer: Darren G. Davis & CW Cooke
Artist: Ramon Salas

Check out behind the scenes of this new animated all-ages version of “Wrath of the Titans”. Greek gods and the monsters of myth collide in this new all-ages series! Perseus is the star but Greek Myth will be discovered and explored as Perseus begins his mission against the monsters and his mission to gain the favor of the gods. Come join in the fun and get a taste of what’s to come.

wrath_cyclops_text01 wrath_cyclops_text02 wrath_cyclops_text03 wrath_cyclops_text04 Wrathcyclops0

via Bluewater Productions