Titan Comics releases video sneak peek of Scarlett Couture


Titan Comics has a new series from Des Taylor arriving in stores in October 2014, and the publisher sent us a video trailer of the series.

Scarlett Couture:
Writer/Artist: Des Taylor

Glamourous super-spy thrills from the master of the modern pin-up!

Kidnapped and held for ransom as a teenager, billionaire fashion heiress Scarlett Couture subsequently trained in hand-to-hand combat and intelligence skills under her rescuer, Lt. Spencer Kelly, to ensure she’d never be held captive again. After learning that her mother was a former spy for the C.I.A., Scarlett now uses her mother’s global fashion company as a cover to bring the world’s greatest criminals to justice!

Scarlett Couture #1

Scarlett Couture #1 hits comic stores from October 15, 2014