Bruce Wayne role cast for TV’s Gotham


Young Bruce Wayne has been found for the upcoming FOX series Gotham.

Since this series takes place during Detective Jim Gordon’s early days in Gotham City, and the Wayne family murders are fairly recent, Bruce Wayne will be played by the young actor, David Mazouz.

Mazouz will play the boy who leans on his butler Alfred and Commissioner James Gordon for guidance after his wealthy parents are murdered. Bruce Wayne has traditionally been the alter ego of the Caped Crusader — but Mazouz will not at any point become Batman in the show.

Selina Kyle has also been cast. The character will be played by Camren Bicondova.  With these last two announcements, the regular cast for Gotham has been cast.  That doesn’t mean we won’t see other characters appear throughout the series.  I kind of want to see Ted Grant, Slam Bradley, or even Carmine Falcone appear at some point in the series.

via Variety