Adventure Time: The Flip Side #3 sneak peek


Here’s your first look at Adventure Time: The Flip Side #3.

Adventure Time: The Flip Side #3
Writer(s): Colleen Coover, Paul Tobin
Artist(s): Wook Jin Clark

Finn and Jake learn the truth behind why Monkey Wizard doesn’t kidnap princesses anymore. With Marceline helping out, it should be easy for our Heroes to finally get Painting Princess kidnapped…right?!

AdvTime_FlipSide_03_coverA AdvTime_FlipSide_03_coverB AdvTime_FlipSide_03_coverC AdvTime_FlipSide_03_coverD AdvTime_FlipSide_03_PRESS-1 AdvTime_FlipSide_03_PRESS-2 AdvTime_FlipSide_03_PRESS-3 AdvTime_FlipSide_03_PRESS-4 AdvTime_FlipSide_03_PRESS-5 AdvTime_FlipSide_03_PRESS-6 AdvTime_FlipSide_03_PRESS-7

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