Tales of Honor #1 sneak peek


Image Comics released a sneak peek of Tales of Honor #1 for you to check out.

Tales of Honor #1
Written By: Matt Hawkins
Art By: Jung-Guen Yoon
Cover By: Jung-Guen Yoon
Cover By: Stjepan Sejic
Cover By: Rahsan Ekedal
Cover By: Patrick Tatapolous
Price: $2.99

Based on the bestselling military science-fiction novels by David Weber, this original comic book series introduces spaceship captain Honor Harrington on the eve of her execution. From prison, Honor relays her epic adventures, starting with a command outpost to a hellish backwater star system that ends up being the linchpin of an interstellar crisis that will bring war to her home planet. This series is part of a new multi-platform story world that includes a mobile game app to be released with the first issue and a feature film currently in development.

TalesofHonor_01-1 TalesofHonor01-pg1 TalesofHonor01-pg2 TalesofHonor01-pg3 TalesofHonor01-pg4 TalesofHonor01-pg5 TalesofHonor01-pg6

via Image Comics