Red Light Properties #9: The Hot Seat


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Red Light Properties #9: The Hot Seat
Writer/Art: Dan Goldman
Price: $2.99
Pages: 24
Rating: 17+

The major newspaper interview that Cecilia set up promised great exposure for RLP, but it’s all blown to hell when Jude flakes out and forgets to pay the electric bill. But the show must go on… in the dark… without A/C. Jude Tobin, welcome to The Hot Seat!

RLP-009-The-Hot-Seat-ENG-1 RLP-009-The-Hot-Seat-ENG-2 RLP-009-The-Hot-Seat-ENG-3 RLP-009-The-Hot-Seat-ENG-4 RLP-009-The-Hot-Seat-ENG-5

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