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Creative Impulse Entertainment (CIE) and Nine Dot Entertainment (NDE) are set to launch a slate of bilingual comic books dubbed ‘The Latin Comics Initiative’ with the premiere issue of “Asusto” by Franco Céspedes this Wednesday. With all of the comics under the initiative created by Latino artists, the mission is to showcase their unique stories and talents for a global market. The comics will be simultaneously available to both English and Spanish speaking audiences on various platforms via digital distributor ComiXology.

“Asusto” will debut on March 5th with the first of what is a 4-issue horror miniseries inspired by characters from classic Costa Rican and Latin American folktales. Among the frightening characters featured throughout the story are the beastly El Cadejos (The Black Devil Dog), the widely known La Llorona (The Weeping Woman), the beautiful and seductive La Segua (The Horse Lady) and the grotesque Costa Rican creature La Tulevieja (which CIE has dubbed ‘The Banana Hat Bastard’). “Asusto” was created, written, and drawn by Franco Céspedes of Costa Rica’s Heredia, Santa Bárbara.

Franco is the founder of Quinema Animation Studios where he develops comics, digital advertising animation and original entertainment, including the 2010 acclaimed animated series “Chotico”, which was broadcast on Costa Rican national television. Franco comments on “Asusto”, “This comic represents my roots, my town, the countryside and customs I always carry with me. Latin American stories are often full of mystery and tragedy, but told through a splendid lens of wild beauty. That is what I’ve tried to accomplish with ‘Asusto’.”

The development of the “Asusto” property for CIE and NDE was directed by Andrew Vannata, producer of such acclaimed CIE titles as Paula Garces’ “Aluna” and “JFH: Justice For Hire – Rise of Retribution”. Andrew comments, “Bringing these unique stories from Latin America to a broader audience has been a truly fulfilling experience for me personally, and I expect that comic readers of all stripes as well as lovers of global culture will soon share in my enthusiasm for these titles. With ‘Asusto’ especially, Franco is tapping into something with much bigger potential, perhaps a sign of more things to come.”

NDE principal Patrick Brennan adds, “The geographic boundaries of content are eroding, and it’s important for next generation content providers to cater to an increasingly international audience. This is the first step in a bold initiative to offer compelling multi-platform content to fans across cultural borders.”


“Asusto” issues 2, 3 & 4 are scheduled for release on March 12, 19 & 26, respectively, with new titles from additional creators to follow in April.

About Creative Impulse™ Entertainment:

CIE is a home base for artists that fuse the mediums of comics, films, music, and games. An award-winning production company, CIE develops intellectual properties and produces original transmedia content designed for the growing global marketplace. The core of the CIE initiative is the creation of content that intrigues, entertains, and inspires social change. CIE’s flagship original comic book series is the “ultra-realistic” action/adventure title JFH: JUSTICE FOR HIRE, one of the most downloaded mixed martial arts genre comics on the market.

About Nine Dot Entertainment:

Nine Dot Entertainment is a film, TV, and new media production company founded by Patrick Brennan. Previously, Patrick was an executive at Team Todd, the company behind Tim Burton’s ALICE IN WONDERLAND, the AUSTIN POWERS franchise, and the award-winning film, MEMENTO. Patrick has also served as a consultant, most recently working with Netflix to help define their content curation and merchandising strategy. Nine Dot Entertainment strives to think outside the box; using nontraditional means to achieve ambitious goals.

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