Check out this sneak peek of Lords of Mars Volume 1


Here’s your sneak peek of Arvid Nelson and Roberto Castro’s Lords of Mars trade paperback that hits store shelves this week.

Arvid Nelson (w)
Roberto Castro (a)
Alex Ross (c)
FC • 192 pages • $19.99 • Teen+
Two legends of Science Fiction and Fantasy literature collide in an epic crossover event! Tarzan, the legendary Lord of the Jungle, has claimed his title as a British nobleman, but his very life is threatened when a hunting excursion among high society goes disastrously wrong. Meanwhile, John Carter, the Warlord of Mars, responds to a veiled threat from his defeated enemies. Though separated by millions of miles, these champions of Mars and Earth are drawn together by a sinister cult and manipulated into a deadly confrontation. With their lives and those of their beloved Jane and Dejah Thoris on the line, can these iconic heroes put aside their differences and survive the Thern plot… and a thousand rampaging White Apes?

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• Issues one to six by ARVID NELSON and ROBERTO CASTRO
• Complete risqué cover gallery featuring art by ALEX ROSS, MEL RUBI, FRANCESCO FRANCAVILLA, ARDIAN SYAF and more!
• Introduction by E.R. BURROUGHS
• Script to issue one by ARVID NELSON

via Dynamite Entertainment