Steve Rogers in battle for latest Captain America: The Winter Soldier poster


A new poster featuring Steve Rogers has been released for Captain America: The Winter Soldier and it seems to take place on the same exploding war ship like the rest of posters have. Interesting.

Steve Rodgers Winter Solider


If you look back at all the promotional material that has been released for the upcoming sequel, it is interesting to note that very few actually show Steve in full Captain America garb, with his face being exposed in almost all images. From the trailers we have seen that Steve seems to be struggling with the ethics of what S.H.I.E.L.D. is doing, so maybe him not wearing the mask is him not being comfortable as Captain America.

As in all situation, I might be reading too far into this. What do you think? Is it significant that Steve Rogers isn’t putting on the full Captain America gear? Sound off in the comments below!

via IGN