Batman and Superman finally meet the Earth 2 team of Power Girl and Huntress. One will be locked in a cage and the other will receive Superman’s coveted high five. Find out who!

Batman---Superman-008-(2014)-(2-covers)-(Digital)-(Nahga-Empire)-001BATMAN/SUPERMAN #8

Writer: Greg Pak

Artist: Jae Lee

Publisher: DC Comics

Cover Price: 3.99

Previously in Batman/Superman: After being stuck in a video game and forced to punch each other in the face, Superman and Batman are now free to pursue less ridiculous stories. Unfortunately, a heroine called the Huntress has just broke into the Batcave.



This issue kicks off the First Contact crossover in style. Batman/Superman got a little lost in its Mongul video game storyline of the previous issues, so it’s nice to see the original team that launched this title back and operating at full strength. It’s time for Power Girl and Huntress of Earth 2 to meet the New 52 World’s Finest, and it’s in good hands with a writer like Greg Pak.

Characterization is a strength of Greg Pak’s writing, and it shows in this issue. Huntress breaks into the Batcave; immediately locked in a cage by Batman. But then, something stops Batman. He sees a familiarity in her movements. “She moves like a Robin,” he says. Seconds later, when she breaks out of the cage, Huntress proves her worth. The improvements to her character are one of the most positive things of the New 52. In the old universe, Huntress was always annoying and stubborn. Now that she is a bat kid, she has a stake and a purpose to her devotion that she must prove herself to Batman.

While the Superman and Power Girl scenes are weaker in terms of story, there is a thread that becomes very apparent. Greg Pak is clearly writing the best Superman in the New 52. Superman has concern for dolphins, saves puppies, and gives Power Girl a high five when she does well. This Superman is one cool guy! He exudes coolness. This trait helps out the scenes only so much. The main conflict of this story is the fact that Power Girl has a cold that makes her eyes explode. That’s it. While Superman being the most “super” guy helping out is nice; it’s not enough of a plot thread to hang an issue on.



You have to applaud an artist like Jae Lee sometimes. He is not content with the standard grid layout of a comic book. His panels and layouts become schizophrenic with their many diagonal lines. It’s a treat for the eyes since no page looks like the other. The only complaint is that inside these panels is very little. Jae Lee will typically focus his panel around a singular figure while ignoring the background. So we see an impressive figure standing in front of single color background. It’s a small complaint about his artwork as Jae Lee still draws an impressive man of steel.


Batman/Superman #8 is a good start to the First Contact Crossover. I’m interested in checking out part two. My hope is the plot gets stronger as these two duos get to know each other better. If you’re fan of Superman or Batman, then you will enjoy this issue. Super high five!


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