Bravest Warriors #17 sneak peek


BOOM! Studios released a sneak peek of Bravest Warriors #17 for you to check out.

Bravest Warriors #17
Writer(s): Eric M. Esquivel
Artist(s): Mike Holmes
The Bravest Warriors must once again save the galaxy! Join Chris, Beth, Danny, and Wallow as they–well…save space! It seems there is a pattern developing in the life of a warrior, surely nothing can surprise our heroes now…or is there something out there? Something hidden in the shadows…something so big that not even the bravest of warriors will ever be ready?

BravestWarriors_17_coverA BravestWarriors_17_coverB BravestWarriors_17_coverC BravestWarriors_17_coverD BravestWarriors_17_PRESS-5 BravestWarriors_17_PRESS-6 BravestWarriors_17_PRESS-7 BravestWarriors_17_PRESS-8 BravestWarriors_17_PRESS-9 BravestWarriors_17_PRESS-10

via BOOM! Studios