Dead Body Road #3 preview


Image Comics released a sneak peek of Dead Body Road #3 that arrives in stores this week.

Dead Body Road #3
Story By: Justin Jordan
Art By: Matteo Scalera
Art By: Moreno Dinisio
Cover By: Matteo Scalera
Cover By: Moreno Dinisio
Price: $2.99

Orson Gage is no good man…but Mr. Cobb and his unique interrogation tactics are even worse. Why is he pursuing Gage? And just how do you remove blood from a motel carpet?

dead-body-road-03-2 DeadBodyRoad-03-pg1 DeadBodyRoad-03-pg2 DeadBodyRoad-03-pg3 DeadBodyRoad-03-pg4 DeadBodyRoad-03-pg6

via Image Comics