Amazing Spider-Man 2 international trailer releases


The last big cut of Amazing Spider-Man 2 footage we saw was during a commercial break for that big American Football game, but the international fans needs a special cut for them also!

Alright, so let’s play everyone’s favorite game: Speculate What Happens!! In this new trailer we see Peter trying to save Gwen Stacy from falling down a giant tower of gears. In the first official image released of the Green Goblin last week we know that the villain shows up in this place. In Amazing Spider-Man #121, in which the Green Goblin is the main villain, Peter accidentally kills Gwen by trying to stop her fall off a bridge.

Obviously the locations don’t match up, but it is too far of a stretch to this we could see this famous comic scene played out in Amazing Spider-Man 2? I don’t think so.

Whatever happens in that giant tower we will find out when The Amazing Spider-Man 2 comes to theaters on May 2.

via Sony Pictures