Hermes Press releases FCBD sneak peek of Scratch9


Hermes Press has released a sneak peek of the Scratch9 issue that is scheduled to be released on Free Comic Book Day 2014.

Publisher: Hermes Press
Story by: Rob M. Worley
Art by: Joshua Buchanan, Justin Castaneda, Ki Kim, Zac Pensol, Digikore Studios
Cover by: Joshua Buchanan
Flip Cover by: Joshua Buchanan
Cover Price: FREE
Release Date: May 3, 2014
The world’s greatest super-hero cat kicks off an all-new, full-length adventure with “Cat of Nine Worlds – Part 1”. Scratch’s nemesis Dr. Schrödinger is back and out for revenge, and this time he’s not alone. The next great Scratch9 villain makes his debut here! This is a direct lead-in to this summer’s new Scratch9 monthly!

Then, in “Cat America, Dog America” Scratch teams up with Bo Obama and the witch cat Writh to rescue President Barack Obama! The comic also debuts, as a flip-book, the new all-ages title “Run & Amuk” from Scratch9 creator Rob M. Worley and Scratch9 artist Joshua Buchanan.

Scratch9-FCBD-Preview-1 Scratch9-FCBD-Preview-2 Scratch9-FCBD-Preview-3 Scratch9-FCBD-Preview-4 Scratch9-FCBD-Preview-5 Scratch9-FCBD-Preview-6 Scratch9-FCBD-Preview-7 Scratch9-FCBD-Preview-8

via Hermes Press