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This summer, Archie Comics will be launching DIARY OF A GIRL NEXT DOOR: BETTY, a young adult novel starring the iconic character Betty Cooper. In an original story by acclaimed writer Tania del Rio, Betty is a freshman at Riverdale High attempting to balance love, with her crush Archie, and friendship, with her BFF Veronica, along with all the other trials and tribulations that accompany high school drama. The diary entry style of the prose is written from Betty’s point of view along with Betty’s sketches mixed in to illustrate just how crazy a teen girl’s life can be.

del Rio described her take on Betty: “She sometimes takes herself a little too seriously, but it’s her brilliant imagination and tenacity that helps her deal with all the craziness in her life, and that’s what I love best about her character.”

Written by del Rio, with art by Bill Galvan, Bob Smith & Jack Morelli, DIARY OF A GIRL NEXT DOOR goes on sale July 16th!

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