It’s no secret that there is a plethora of villains making appearances in  Amazing Spider-Man 2, and one that might have come as a shock to many is the inclusion of the Green Goblin. Up to this point we have only seen quick glimpses on the villain in trailers, teasers and images, but now we can get a close look thanks to an official image.

Below the Green Goblin face off in some, uh, giant clock tower?



Well, Dan DeeHan certainly looks different than the iterations of Green Goblin that we saw in the Sam Rammi films. What do you think about the look of Goblin now that we can get a clear look at the costume?

Whether you like, think “meh” or think it is the ruining of comic book movies forever,  Amazing Spider-Man 2 will be coming to theaters May 2 of this year.

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  1. This Spider-Man series has been awful. The costume looks like crap and apparently nobody in Hollywood has any ideas other than re-using Iron Man armor. Again, this franchise doesn’t get my money.

  2. It kind of seems to me that they have done everything here to make him look and feel like the joker from the dark knight?
    Ah well, shall be interesting to see. gonna be a rental for me after the slight disapointment of the first one though.

    • Mind you, not the costume itself, by the comparison to Heath Ledger i meen the upside down, the look of the face and the dark tower background.

  3. Why do they have to change the original. The real Green Goblin is killer cool. Could translate to the screen very well. I can live with the Electro change but this just plain stinks.

  4. What is so wrong with using the costume, or at least some rendition of the costume from the comics? If your worried about the mask just ask Marvel for help, I’m sure there are plenty of artists that would draw some variant masks for you for the movie.

    Instead we’re getting something that looks like some military guy on drugs.

    Still interested in seeing the movie, but seriously geez >_>

  5. The_Lord_Sponge on

    *Sigh. I’d really like to see the original costume on screen, but oh no. Hollywood’s all like “It’s not real enough, he has to wear armour!” Yea, and your protagonist can climb walls.

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