First official image of Dan Deehan as Green Goblin


It’s no secret that there is a plethora of villains making appearances in  Amazing Spider-Man 2, and one that might have come as a shock to many is the inclusion of the Green Goblin. Up to this point we have only seen quick glimpses on the villain in trailers, teasers and images, but now we can get a close look thanks to an official image.

Below the Green Goblin face off in some, uh, giant clock tower?



Well, Dan DeeHan certainly looks different than the iterations of Green Goblin that we saw in the Sam Rammi films. What do you think about the look of Goblin now that we can get a clear look at the costume?

Whether you like, think “meh” or think it is the ruining of comic book movies forever,  Amazing Spider-Man 2 will be coming to theaters May 2 of this year.

via Comic Book Movie