For all my complaints about the editorial policies of the big comic book companies, I’m totally stoked to realize that I’m about to enter a world where I can enjoy monthly adventures of She-Hulk, the Silver Surfer, and Shang-Chi, Master of Kung Fu, something that has never before happened concurrently.  Granted, I can’t guarantee that such a convergence will last more than a few months, but it’s a little bit wonderful to anticipate the hopefully wondrous stories to come.  Of course, if we could also get Captain Jack Harkness back in weekly TV action, and maybe convince George RR Martin to revive his ‘Wild Cards’ series in the wake of his ‘Game of Thrones’ successes, I would be a truly happy MS-QOTD.  Sadly, I know that Hanna Barbera is never going to bring back Dino-Mutt or the Impossibles, but at least I can console myself by sharing with you, the Faithful Spoilerites, today’s pressing query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced “Noh-rin Rahd”) even wonders if, perhaps, any ‘Firefly’ fans have anything they might with to discuss with the masses today, asking: What character, show or title do you most want to see relaunched?


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  1. I’d love to see a revival of the old Malibu Utraverse charecters like Prime and the Strangers. The success of the new Valiant line seems to prove there is a market for books from that era, time for Marvel to dust off some of those old IP’s.

      • The fourth and final one was the most disjointed. Still excellent though, it just focused on a lot of things happening in the greater DC universe. For my money, volume 2 is my favorite. That features the Joker at Christmas. I wont spoil any more than that.

  2. There’s a great deal, but my top three would be:
    1) Firefly – ‘natch
    2) Pushing Daisies – Another incredibly great show cancelled far too quickly
    3) Dreamwave’s G1 Transformers series – I loved this set of books, and for my money, you cannot find a better treatment of the mythos. It still kills me that they didn’t get a chance to finish the story they were telling.

  3. Firefly, obviously. I’d also like to see Torchwood come back… I miss it. I wouldn’t mind getting Merlin back either, although I’m still pretty new to the series.

  4. Legion of Super-Heroes, though I know the property is kind of radioactive at the moment, because of Levitz’s recent run. I don’t know whether I’d want a full-blown reboot of the title, or a soft one.

    Also can the Critic come back? Yes we’ve lost Charles Napier & Doris Grau, but the world is ripe for parody as seen through the eyes of New York’s Third highest-rated TV critic Jay Sherman.

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